It's Happening.

Liberty ND PAC was formed in April of 2012 to influence state and local elections in the state of North Dakota. We work to support liberty candidates through voter ID, ad campaigns, mailings, and volunteer assistance. We want to help great candidates succeed, and we want to find and develop new candidates.

What We Believe

  • North Dakota should nullify all mandates by the federal government that exceed the enumerated powers granted to the federal government by the US Constitution.
  • The North Dakota legislature should reduce the size of government in North Dakota by cutting spending and eliminating taxes and regulations without voting to raise any taxes or fees.
  • Our National Guard deserves support and praise, and should never be deployed overseas for nation-building.
    North Dakotans should be able to speak freely and to practice religious freedom as guaranteed to all citizens under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.
  • Life is precious and we support the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.
  • All governmental entities should refrain from picking winners and losers in the marketplace and all economic development programs should be repealed.
  • School curriculum content should be at the sole discretion of the local school districts, and that accreditation or funding should not be denied or withheld from districts on the basis of national goals and standards.
  • Homeschoolers should not be interfered with by the state.
  • The rights of landowners to use their land as they see fit should never be infringed upon, and the state legislature should repeal laws restricting land uses.
  • The state of North Dakota should reject any efforts to create new, state-owned businesses.
  • All state and federal efforts to purchase large tracts of lands or easements or to manage more land in North Dakota should be rejected.
  • All governmental entities should place their expenditures on an easy-to-read website.
  • The Northern Plains National Heritage Area should be repealed.

Who We Are

Andrea Toman

Executive Director

Bismarck, ND

Neil TOman


Bismarck, ND

Charlene NElson

Board Member

Casselton, ND


Board Member

West Fargo, ND

Bret Weiland

Board Member

Bismarck, ND