Liberty ND PAC nets 2 victories in the Primary

Less than two months after their founding, the new Liberty ND PAC finishes the primary season with 2 wins in hotly contested races.

 Curt Olafson was soundly defeated in his quest for the District 10 Senate seat. Last month, the PAC sent a postcard to District 10 detailing Olafson's actions on the senate floor regarding the personhood bill. Voters responded, and voted Olafson off the November ballot.

 Nathan Toman challenged incumbents Rae Ann Kelsh and Todd Porter in District 34 in Mandan. Liberty ND PAC endorsed Toman as one of it's first official endorsements. Through an agressive door to door campaign, mailers, and events, the Liberty ND PAC team helped Toman achieve a large victory against Kelsh.

In Grand Forks, Liberty ND PAC endorsed Mike Peterson as he challenged two UND students for the District 42 house race. His vote totals show him losing by a mere 19 votes, with the possibility of a recount in the days to come.

 "Liberty ND PAC has the tools and resources for effective political action, as shown by our successes on Tuesday," said Paul Sorum, Liberty ND PAC's chairman. "We will continue to work for success in local races, and we have our eyes set on several victories in November."

 Liberty ND PAC's mission is to promote the Constitution, limited government, state sovereignty, transparency, free markets, property rights, individual liberty, protection of life, and religious freedom in North Dakota by engaging in political action.


Founding board members of Liberty ND PAC are Paul Sorum (Fargo), Del Ruff (West Fargo), Brett Narloch (Bismarck), Andrea Toman (Bismarck), and Neil Toman (Bismarck).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012