Campaign for Liberty's Charlene Nelson Joins Liberty ND PAC's Board

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 22nd, 2015

BISMARCK, ND - Today Liberty ND PAC announced the addition of longtime activist Charlene Nelson to its Board of Directors.

Charlene will work specifically with training citizen activists as well as other activities in support of the PAC’s mission. Charlene has years of experience in public policy, including leading North Dakota Campaign for Liberty, a grassroots lobbying and training organization that has advocated limited, Constitutional government. She was State Chairman of the Constitution Party for eight years and led the petitioning to get three presidential candidates on the ballot in North Dakota. She has worked successfully with candidates, measures, and legislative initiatives.

​"We've always considered Charlene a great ally due to her broad efforts to protect economic and civil liberties in North Dakota," said Liberty ND PAC's Chairman, Jared Hendrix. "She has a wide range of experience on various issues and adds significant leadership to our Board of Directors."

​In 2001, Charlene was the Chairman of Protect Our Privacy, a citizen's group that successfully repealed SB 2919, a bill that allowed banks to sell people's personal financial information. As a result, she was awarded the Brandeis Award in 2003. She also served as Congressman Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign North Dakota State Coordinator.

"I've long admired the work that Liberty ND PAC has done in promoting the issues and candidates supporting liberty,” said Charlene. “I am pleased that now I will be working with them and helping to create a better future for my children, grandchildren and all North Dakota families."

Charlene and her husband Ross have lived in North Dakota for 18 years, where they have homeschooled their three boys. She has a degree from Brigham Young University in Portuguese and History and volunteers regularly at the local library and nursing home.

Liberty ND PAC was formed in April 2012 with the aim of advancing liberty-minded principles and conservative values by impacting state and local elections in North Dakota. Four of their six endorsed candidates won their respective races, including a newcomer who unseated a 22-year incumbent in the Republican primary. The PAC was actively involved in the 2015 legislative session on a variety of issues, including an effort to remove North Dakota from the Common Core testing consortium.

PRESS CONTACT – Andrea Toman, Executive Director 701-484-1293