Legislative Update

The most notable effort to date has been our push behind HB 1461, the bill to Repeal Common Core in North Dakota. The bill was divided on the House floor. Division A of the bill would have withdrawn our state from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Liberty ND PAC's endorsed Rep. Chris Olson (D-13, West Fargo) rose to deliver a scathing and articulate deconstruction of the problems with the Common Core alignment.

For an extended write-up on the HB 1461 vote, as well as video for the floor debate, please visit the link below. Olson's comments begin at approximately the 30:00 mark:

To help us elect more fighters like Chris Olson, please contribute today! Any donation, whether as much as $100 or as little as $10, is much appreciated.

Ultimately, the Division failed with a 46-43 vote. Opponents of our bill testified on taxpayer dime. The political Establishment in both parties and nationalized special interest groups spent significant funds to fight us. Despite that, we helped organize one of the most significant efforts behind a bill in the history of the state. Instead of discouragement from the result, we should harness this power and move forward with the remainder of our agenda.

Below is the latest information on our Bills:





Legislative Action

Citizen Action

HB 1167 

Relating to individual income tax rates; and to provide a contingent effective date. 

Takes the income tax rate to zero without removing the taxing authority itself. 

Reported back amended, do not pass, placed on calendar 12 0 2

Email your legislator and ask them to vote Yes on HB 1167 to reduce the income tax rate to zero.

HB 1283 

Relating to parental directives regarding statutorily mandated assessments; and to declare an emergency. 

Requires the schools notify parents of specific types of tests and their right to opt their students out of those tests. 

Committee recommended Do Pass

Email your legislator and ask them to vote Yes with the committee on HB 1283 to require schools notify parents of their right to opt out of testing.

HB 1328 

A BILL for an Act to provide for limitations on the use of unmanned aircraft for surveillance. 

Prevents the use of UAVs for surveillance except when a warrant is issued for a felony, and for certain specific instances such as natural disasters and border patrol.  

Hearings on 2/4 and 2/9. No committee recommendation yet.

Email the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote Do Pass on HB 1328 to limit the use of unmanned aircraft.  Attend House Judiciary "Committee Work" meetings and report on committee action on this bill.

HB 1432 

Relating to the environmental impact litigation fund; to provide for a continuing appropriation; and to provide for a transfer and appropriation. 

Establishes an Environmental impact litigation advisory committee and a fund with the purpose of participating in litigation for the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. 

Passed Ag Committee with amendments. Rereferred to Appropriations.

Email House Government Operations Appropriations Committee and ask for a Do Pass recommendation on HB 1432 to protect North Dakota from EPA overreach.

HB 1442 

Relating to the introduction of bills by executive branch agencies and the judicial branch. 

Requires that all bills except the executive and judicial budgets name a sponsor. Subsection 3 needs to be eliminated to prevent agencies using it to continue to introduce unsponsored legislation. 

Hearing on Thursday, 2/19, at 9:00 in the Prairie Room

Attend hearing on 2/19 at 9:00 am.  Sign in to support HB 1442.  Write an email to House Political Subdivisions Committee and ask for a Do Pass recommendation for HB 1442 to restore the separation of powers in North Dakota government.

HB 1453 

Relating to restrictions on the collection and dissemination of student information; and to provide a penalty. 

Lists specifically what information can be maintained on a student, how to opt in to the data collection, and how to opt out of directory information. 

Committee recommended Do Not Pass

Email your representative and ask them to vote Yes on HB 1453 to protect student data.

HB 1461 

Relating to contractual obligations and the suspension of state assessments; to provide for the creation of a North Dakota standards development committee; and to declare an emergency. 

Prevents DPI from binding the state to an expenditure of funds or changes in the laws of this state. Withdraws us from SBAC. Creates a committee to create replacement standards. 

Failed on the house floor 43-46.

Email Kirsten Baesler Tuesday and ask her to get us out of SBAC. Email Gov. Dalrymple Wednesday and ask him to get us out of SBAC.

SCR 4011 

A concurrent resolution urging Congress to take a pro-education position, extricate the federal government from any role it has unconstitutionally usurped with respect to the education of our children, and eliminate the United States Department of Education. 

This resolution is a memo from the ND Legislature to the US Congress to withdraw itself from any unconstitutional role related to education, and to eliminate the US Department of Education. 

Hearing on 2/2. No committee recommendation yet.

Email Senate Education Committee and ask for a Do Pass recommendation for SCR 4011 to stop federal overreach.

The most immediately important date is the House Political Subdivisions Committee hearing on HB 1442, Thursday, February 19th at 9AM in the Prairie Room in the North Dakota Capitol Building. Liberty ND PAC-endorsed Rep. Nathan Toman's bill will attempt to curtail the ability of state agencies to introduce legislation. Currently, North Dakota allows executive agencies to automatically assign bills to committees and to de facto introduce them via such committees. As a citizen, you don't have that right.

In other words, bureaucratic state agencies have usurped much of the power of the legislature!

The fundamental structure of our Republic requires that each branch of government fulfill its functions and its obligations to balance the power of the others. It is essential that we restore the balance of power in North Dakota.

If you cannot attend the hearing on the 19th, please contact members of the House Political Subdivisions Committee and let them know you support Rep. Nathan Toman's bill, HB 1442. Contacting them by telephone is the best method, but providing them with a written letter or email is also effective:

Committee members are here:


Some suggested language for an email is as follows, "Dear Rep. [your rep] Please support Nathan Toman's bill HB 1442, which will restrict the ability of state agencies to bypass the Legislature with introducing legislation. This essentially renders the legislators -- the elected representatives of the people -- meaningless in their power. All bills should be introduced by a chief legislator sponsor who has decided to put his or her name on a bill and be accountable to it. If an agency bill fails to secure a legislator's support, then maybe it should not become law."

Alternatively, you can sign our petition on restoring the balance of power in North Dakota:
SIGN the Separation of Powers petition today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015