Liberty ND PAC endorses Peterson, Toman, and Measure 2

Today, Liberty ND PAC announced its endorsement of Mike Peterson in the District 42 Republican Party primary race, recognizing his pro-liberty philosophy.
"We've been able to talk to Mike over the past few months, and we like what we hear. He clearly has an understanding of what it means to be for individual and economic liberty. And we feel he'll stand up to the special interests and big government-types in the NDGOP," said PAC Chairman Paul Sorum.
Liberty ND PAC also endorsed Nathan Toman in the District 34 Republican Primary against Rae Ann Kelsch.
"We - and many other Republicans - feel that Rep. Kelsch will drag down the Republican brand in this cycle," said Sorum, referring to Rep. Kelsch's personal problems relating to her tax situation.
Sorum finished, "We feel it's time for a change and Nathan Toman is pro-liberty, pro-limited government, and also won't back down to pressure from interest groups."
All of the endorsed candidates were required to take a pledge to the PAC's "core principles," which include a promise to limit government, cut taxes, cut spending, and protect property rights. In fact, all of the PAC's core principles come from the North Dakota Republican Party's recently-passed resolutions.
The PAC endorsed Measure 2, as well, citing the need to dramatically alter the tax code to make it fairer.
"We have a deep respect for property rights, and I just don't think you can say we really own our property if we have to pay an annual rent to the government," Sorum stated.
More endorsements are possible at a later date.
Founding board members of Liberty ND PAC are Paul Sorum (Fargo), Del Ruff (West Fargo), Brett Narloch (Bismarck), Andrea Toman (Bismarck), and Neil Toman (Bismarck).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012