Liberty ND PAC Announces 2016 General Election Endorsements

Today, Liberty ND PAC announces its 2016 North Dakota General Election endorsements:
Jordan Kannianen, District 4 State Senate
Jordan Kannianen is a father of 8 children with his wife, Elizabeth. He is a Master Electrician and holds a Masters Degree in Management from MSU. He’s been engaged in his local community for years and has also served with mission work overseas. Jordan has developed significant relationships with the wonderful people of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, serving and working with them, listening to their concerns, being a voice for common people and bringing forth the message of liberty and personal responsibility.
Daniel Johnston, District 24 State House
Daniel Johnston is a 12-year Army veteran and owns a small construction & excavating business. He and his wife Wendi together have 9 children and live on a small farm in Fort Ransom. He’s been an impassioned grassroots activist and leader on the battle against Common Core and federal control of education. He is an active member of Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion, and the VFW. As a constitutional conservative, he’s been an active supporter of the organization and goals of both the National Rifle Association and the National Association for Gun Rights.
Sebastian Ertelt, District 26 State House
Sebastian Ertelt is the son of a laborer and graduated from NDSU with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Currently, he’s a manufacturing engineer at the Bobcat plant in Gwinner. He’s very active as a volunteer in his community, including the North Dakota Veterans’ Home, Ransom County Fair Board, Sheyenne Fine Arts Association, No Name Players, and Sound Celebration. While working in Bismarck, Sebastian served as a leader in the Young Professionals Network and as a Site Leader for Applied Engineering, Inc.
Luke Simons, District 36 State House
Luke Simons is a cattle rancher, small businessman, husband and father. He and his wife Aliesha of 17 years live northwest of Dickinson with their 5 children. He was endorsed by the local Republican Party at their district convention earlier this year, but was later challenged in the primary by the incumbent legislator he defeated. He was endorsed by the PAC during his primary run and proceeded to an unexpected victory against two incumbent legislators in the June 14th primary, receiving the highest vote totals.
Nathan Toman, District 34 State House
Nathan Toman has served in the State House since being elected in 2012. He was endorsed by the PAC during an hotly contested Republican primary, eventually unseating a 22-year incumbent legislator. Toman works in Information Systems at Ducks Unlimited Inc. He has an Associate of Arts degree from BSC and has 5 children with his wife Jessica. 

He currently serves on the Finance and Taxation Committee, as well as the Political Subdivisions Committee.
Dan Ruby, District 38 State House
Dan Ruby has served in the State House since being elected in 2000, representing District 38 in Minot. He is married to his wife Lori, has 10 children and 14 grandchildren. As the owner of Circle Sanitation Inc. and Noonan Landfill LLC, he is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He currently serves on the Industry, Business and Labor Committee and is also Chairman of the Transportation Committee. Ruby is a stalwart defender of principles and is consistently ranked as among the top conservative legislators in the State House.
Chairman Jared Hendrix released the statement: "After careful vetting, the PAC Board determined that these candidates are firmly aligned with the core principles of Liberty. It’s tremendously exciting to see so many great candidates stepping up to the plate across the state of North Dakota. We hope that more people, including state leadership, begin to recognize the widespread influence of the ideals of liberty and limited government."
Liberty ND PAC was formed in April 2012 with the aim of promoting the Constitution, limited government, state sovereignty, transparency, free markets, property rights, individual liberty, protection of life, and religious freedom in North Dakota by engaging in political action.
Current board members of Liberty ND PAC are Jared Hendrix (Minot), Del Ruff (West Fargo), Charlene Nelson (Casselton), Andrea Toman (Bismarck), and Neil Toman (Bismarck). The PAC previously endorsed several other candidates, including Chris Olson for District 13 State House in 2014, Judy Estenson for ND Ag. Commissioner in 2014, and Rick Becker for District 7 State House in 2014 and for Governor in 2016.
PRESS CONTACT – Andrea Toman, Executive Director 701-484-1293
Tuesday, November 1, 2016