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Liberty ND PAC nets 2 victories in the Primary

Less than two months after their founding, the new Liberty ND PAC finishes the primary season with 2 wins in hotly contested races.

 Curt Olafson was soundly defeated in his quest for the District 10 Senate seat. Last month, the PAC sent a postcard to District 10 detailing Olafson's actions on the senate floor regarding the personhood bill. Voters responded, and voted Olafson off the November ballot.

Liberty ND PAC hosts meet and greet with Nathan Toman for House

Campaign season is well under way. Thursday night, Liberty ND PAC hosted a Meet and Greet for Nathan Toman, candidate for District 34 House of Representatives.
Supporters gathered at Legion Park in Mandan to meet Toman and share their concerns with him.
Candidate Nathan Toman enjoyed talking with those that were able to come to the event. "I think it is important to connect with the voters and listen to their concerns."

Liberty ND PAC endorses Peterson, Toman, and Measure 2

Today, Liberty ND PAC announced its endorsement of Mike Peterson in the District 42 Republican Party primary race, recognizing his pro-liberty philosophy.
"We've been able to talk to Mike over the past few months, and we like what we hear. He clearly has an understanding of what it means to be for individual and economic liberty. And we feel he'll stand up to the special interests and big government-types in the NDGOP," said PAC Chairman Paul Sorum.
Liberty ND PAC also endorsed Nathan Toman in the District 34 Republican Primary against Rae Ann Kelsch.